February 17, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Lemon Lime Bitters Slurpee

Recently I saw some 7-Eleven ads on the side of buses advertising limited edition slurpee flavours. The one flavour that really caught my eye was Lemon Lime Bitters. I like the regular slurpees, but sometimes they can be a bit too sweet. This looked like something I might like. And I did, it wasn't too sweet, it's kinda like ordering the drink at a bar and letting the ice melt a teeny bit before freezing it all. I'm going to try and get it again before they stop selling it!

On the cup it says "slurp so much your tongue freezes to the straw" hee hee
What: Lemon Lime Bitters Slurpee
Where: At 7 Eleven stores
How much: I got a medium size for $2.50

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