April 7, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Azuma Cafe - Iced Matcha and Green Tea Chiffon Cake

I've been a regular visitor to the Regent Place shopping complex ever since it opened. And that most definitely includes Azuma Cafe. It has two things that I love - one is green tea and the other is cakes. Yes, I'm afraid I'm talking about green tea goods foods again - I just adore green tea everything.

The Iced Matchas and Iced Matcha Lattes usually have a really good matcha flavour, nice and strong. But for some reason, on the one day that I am taking photos for the blog, the Iced Matcha ($4.50) is substandard. It's usually really good with a strong matcha taste and if you ask nicely they give you some sugar syrup so you can add as much or little as you like. But today it tastes a little bland and watered down. And I asked for the sugar syrup but instead of serving it on the side they added it in, barely enough as I couldn't taste much sweetness. But I'll go back sometime and order it again to make sure everything is back to normal. There's also green tea lattes and cappuccinos, a selection of hot and iced teas too.

Was the regular drinks maker on holidays? No star from me today, no siree.

Cake on the other hand hasn't let me down so far. Especially the chiffon cake - it's super light and airy with really good flavour. Green tea tastes like green tea, earl grey tea tastes like earl grey tea, chocolate tastes like chocolate - it's awesomely lovely. It's simple, fluffy, homely goodness. You can get one piece for $4.90 takeaway or you can call up and request a whole cake too (around $32 or so from memory). I've also seen a mini-chiffon cake which looks oh-so-cute. Other goodies available at Azuma Cafe are tarts (the chocolate tart is rich and dark, I haven't tried the green tea yet but I'm very curious), macarons, panna cotta, other cakes and green tea frozen yoghurt (I am not a yoghurt lover so I can't comment). My only complaint about the cake offerings? In the beginning they used to make Soy Milk Pudding and it was sooooo fantastic - milky-silky with a brown sugar jelly on top. So Azuma-san, if by some miracle you are reading this - please, please, please bring back soy milk pudding cause I do love it so. Pretty please!

Light and airy, this cake is fit for a green tea loving fairy.

What: Azuma Cafe
Where: Ground Floor, Regent Place, 501 Greorge Street, Sydney (from memory they close at 10pm Mon-Sat, 8pm on Sundays)
How much: Iced Matcha is $4.50 and Green Tea Chiffon cake is $4.90 takeaway


  1. Don't forget Ton Ton just next door. Pretty good Ramen there.
    Never been to the fancy Japanese restaurant next to these two, so keen to check it out!

  2. Oooo that drink looks really refreshing though! It might just be the really yummy photos though.
    I'll have to add this to my "places to visit" next time I take a trip into the city.

  3. Clem - yep, Ton Ton Regent by Azuma of course. There's a ramen post about it coming up. And the 'fancy' place you mention is also owned by Azuma, called Azuma Kushiyaki - really nice food there too but of course, a little more expensive.

    Hi Ringo-chan! The iced-matcha is usually great, so it's definitely worth trying along with many of the other items on their menu. I hope you like it!