April 4, 2011

Market City Foodcourt - McLucksa - Closing down soon!

McLucksa has been at Market City foodcourt for many years, and is a very popular stall there due to it's authentic Malaysian food. We hadn't been in a while and decided to have lunch there yesterday, but in addition to lunch there was some bad news - McLucksa will be closing in 8 weeks time! They will be looking for a new location but until then, you have 8 weeks to get your McLucksa fix!

My mum had the Singapore noodles ($9.00) and I had the Char Kway Teow ($9.00, I think? or $9.50), both had a good "wok hei" (breath of wok) and weren't overly oily. Char Kway Teow is one of those Malaysian dishes that I never get sick of - well I am Malaysian so I guess that helps! But who can say no to a combination that has rice noodles, chinese sausage, egg and bean sprouts to name a few? The serving sizes are quite generous too. So if you ever eat at McLucksa, be sure to visit before they close!

McLucksa - I'm loving it! But only for 8 more weeks.

What: McLucksa
Where: Market City food court, Chinatown
How much: Singapore noodle $9.00, Char Kway Teow $9.00 or $9.50

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