May 6, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Funwari Meijin in Sydney!!!!

I first read about Funwari Meijin on and was so intrigued by (read "desperate to try") this super fluffy rice snack. It sounded really interesting and I searched high and low in Sydney trying to find a shop that stocked it. To my disappointment I failed miserably. I finally tasted it when I bought some in Singapore last year and wow! It really is super light and fluffy and really very different from anything else. It's like munching on little puffs of cloud.

GOOD NEWS. Two weeks ago I saw this at Miracle supermarket!!! I bought one straight away of course. I went back there tonight to stock up on snacks and did not see a single pack anywhere (good news travels fast). There is still hope though, I also saw it at Conveni-8 last week.

I could not believe my eyes... Funwari Meijin in Sydney!!!!

If you're into snacks like me, you definitely should try this. They have only stocked the original Kinako flavour which means it's sweet so if you like munching on sweet puffs of cloud, get to Conveni-8 before they sell out too (if they haven't already). Wonder if they're going to get more stock in? Wonder if they're going to get other flavours?....

Maybe my cloud description was not accurate. But who's to say I am wrong, have you eaten a cloud?

What: Funwari Meijin snack
Where: It was at Miracle Supermarket at World Square but seems to have run out already. Also seen at Conveni-8, 303 Pitt St Sydney (see my post on Conveni-8 for opening hours/location)
How much: I paid $7.45 for 6x multi pack at Miracle

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  1. +1!

    LOL of the shot of the dude in digital elf post.
    After seeing that who wouldn't want to try this.