May 15, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Tokyo Super

Egad! I haven't posted in so long, I haven't done much of anything besides working so the posts will be a little sparse until things quieten down, apologies in advance!

You may have already seen or been to the new Tokyo Super shop in Kingsford. Yes, another asian supermarket! They've got a bunch of snacks and some which I haven't seen in other places (there's one awesome one which I will get around to posting about). A few items which are available in other shops were a little bit more expensive but I just couldn't leave without getting something.

So I found these cute looking grape chocolates from Chirin. I haven't seen them anywhere else in Sydney and not only does it look cute but it's cheap at 95cents! They're candy coated choc balls, the candy shell is indeed fruity and grapey with a small amount of chocolate inside. Another one of those things I enjoy carrying in my bag as a handy snack on the bus!

The shop front, the chocolate grape balls. 

Grape chocolate ball pill-popping.

What: Chirin Grape Chocolate balls
Where: Tokyo Super, 307 Anzac Parade, Kingsford 02 9662 4908
How much: 95cents for a 'tab'


  1. So what's the recommended dosage for these prescription candy?

  2. hehe three times daily with food! :p

  3. Now I would buy these just because they are cute!