June 21, 2011

Taste of London 2011

Good food, drink and entertainment all in one place: the Taste festival. Taste is an international food festival that is held in various UK cities plus others including Sydney, Amsterdam, Cape Town and Chicago. This was my second visit to Taste in London, held in Regent's Park. It's a great way to sample dishes and flavours from some of the top restaurants in London and also a fun day with lots of food samples, drinks to try (including a very smooth, triple distilled vodka I fell in love with called U'Luvka) and cooking and (food/wine/beer) tasting lessons. There are even promotional stands for different countries including Malaysia, Wales and the very popular Brazil stand that attracted all the crowds with their Brazilian drums and their hot dancers.

But back to the food. The dish of the festival for me was the chicken tikka pie with spiced berry compote by Atul Kochhar of
Benares and Vatika (been there thanks to Dave!) - the pie was simple but sophisticated and very tasty. There were plenty of other excellent dishes too including Michel Roux Jr's braised beef with olives and polenta, and his squid ink battered squid rings. Not to mention Gordon Ramsay's braised pork cheeks with creamed potatoes and clove sauce or the Scotch Burford Brown egg from Quo Vadis.

Taste is a great day out, a chance to sample dishes from top chefs, to learn about new restaurant or products and also take advantage of the British summer....well, at least the food and drinks are good. Highly recommended for foodies looking for a good day out.

What: Taste Festivals
Where: London and other British/international cities
How much: £22 entry or £38 with £20 worth of crowns (the currency for buying dishes)


  1. Wacky looking contraption. Got a youtube clip of the "Cocksrew" in action?

    Yum. That braised pork cheeks look thick & rich.
    On the other hand, that squid ring looks very unappetising ...

  2. Welcome back Jess! I have to disagree with Clem, the squid rings look good and I would have definitely tried them as well! Sorely wish I was still in London with you and Dave, even with that poor excuse of a summer!

    p.s Really like the photos on this post!