July 24, 2011

El Bulli del Punto

I ate at El Bulli in Surry Hills a few years ago (I think it was 2008, yes it must have been as our eyes lit up when we saw Dulce de Leche on the menu and it instantly transported us back to Argentina which we'd visited early 2008) and after we had paid for the delicious meal I noticed on the business card that there was an El Bulli del Punto - tapas at The Spot in Randwick? Perfect for me, as it's close to where I live.

Since then I've been to El Bulli del Punto a few times with the family and we always enjoy the food and atmosphere - seriously, does anyone not love tapas? It's not a huge space - there's wooden tables and chairs with cushioned seating along one of the walls (with cushions too), painted fresco walls, candles and a simple glass vase on each table holding two roses. It's warm and inviting which I like.

The complimentary bread comes with a super addictive dipping sauce - I think it's allioli, the Catalan version of aioli. It's somewhat runnier but the garlicky taste is divine. I think I could have this as a meal on it's own but I'd probably have to fight the rest of my family for it!

Lovely allioli with bread, disappearing right before my eyes!

Tonight we order the Ensalada de Tomate (layers of vine ripened tomatoes, spanish onion & fresh basil served in a vinaigrette dressing, $14.50). We don't normally order this but UK (as in Uncle K, not United Kingdom!) has just gotten a not-so-favourable cholesterol reading so a healthy salad is in order. It's simple, light and refreshing - I'd consider ordering it again. But there's always an order of Alitas al Ajillo (garlic chicken wings, $14.50) for Dylzo who is 10 years old and loves all things chicken. They are heaped with garlic which gives them loads of flavour.

Ensalade de Tomato (is that beer good for cholesterol UK?) and Alitas al Ajillo in a nice setting, perfect for tapas.

Personally, I cannot go past the Chipirones (char grilled baby squid in a salt and garlic sauce, $14.50). Oh baby - baby squid! The first time I ever had Chipirones was with Jess in Barcelona and the ones here are nearly, possibly equally,  as good. They are tender bite sized pieces that you can't stop eating.

Chipirones - if you like squid, you'll love these babies!

Cordero Adobado a la Plancha (marinated barbecued lamb backstrap fillets, $19.50) is always a favourite, juicy and full of flavour. Another favourite which is bound to be ordered is Champiñones al Ajillo (sauteed mushrooms in garlic, parsley, white wine & olive oil, $12.50) - garlic and mushrooms are like a match made in heaven that I never get tired of eating. The last savoury dish is up to me to choose this time and I've opted for something we don't normally get - Melon con Jamón (juicy chunks of fresh rockmelon wrapped in thinly sliced serrano ham, $13.50). I enjoy this classic combination, as it's a refreshing contrast to the rest of the dishes and lightens the meal a little.

Cordero Adobado a la Plancha, Melon con Jamón and Champiñones al Ajillo - están muy ricos!

Everyone is so full by the time we finish the tapas and noone is looking in good shape for dessert. I convince them to share a Crema Catalana (traditional baked custard with caramelised sugar coating, $13.50) because AA likes her creme brulees and I use this to persuade her. This version is a little thicker than some and the caramelised coating is almost a solid sheet which needs a decent whack to get through. It tastes like it's got the tiniest hint of alcohol but I can't be sure. Somewhat sweeter than a usual creme brulee, the others find it a tad too sweet and rich, so I end up eating most of it on my own. No complaints from me!

Crema Catalana. You guys sure you don't want anymore? I guess I'll have to eat it all myself... heehee.

What: El Bulli del Punto (see website for details of both El Bulli restaurants)
Where: 40 St Pauls St, Randwick 2031 (02) 9398 2027
How much: See website for menu and prices
Need to know: I'd definitely recommend booking ahead, as it can get quite busy!


  1. Yum....reminds me when we went with Aunty Cecilia. It's making me hungry now.

  2. Yum! I love those photos.

    And it's a shame they've only got Quilmes Cristal and not Bock or Stout for us real Argentines :)

  3. YUMmmmmmmmm

    you hear about the El Bulli in Spain closing?

  4. Jess - hehe yeah, it was fun with Yee Poh and I think she's Spanish at heart!

    C - agree, but Quilmes Cristal is better than no Quilmes at all.. I'm looking forward to our next tapas adventure :)

    E - Welcome back! Yeah it's going to be interesting to see what the new El Bulli is going to be like.. should be good, I'd love to go one day!