April 16, 2012

Glass Wine Bar's $20 Corporate Lunch

Yep! Glass Wine Bar has a $20 Corporate lunch available Mon-Fri 12-3pm for a limited time. The description on their website is as follows:

"Even if you are having a busy day, make time for lunch and enjoy glass Wine Bar’s NEW ‘Corporate Lunch Options’- which features our famous wagyu burger, beef pie, minute steak or market fish and chips with a glass of under & Over Shiraz or a Vale Ale beer for only $20. No bookings are required."

I've had a crazy craving for burgers lately so I was super excited to try this out! The wine bar is a very nice setting for lunch - it's airy and filled with light, and you can watch the action in the kitchen too.

The view of the kitchen.
C's opted for the minute steak and a glass of wine whereas I've chosen a ginger ale and of course the wagyu burger. The steak is nicely cooked and quite tender, it comes with bearnaise sauce - I've got a bit of food envy! But then my burger arrives and it's exactly what I've been craving! The meat is juicy and there's bacon, cheese, bbq sauce, tomato and a pickle on the side. Both meals come with a serve of freshly cooked french fries. It's more than filling for a lunch and super tasty. It's more than what I would normally spend on lunch but makes for a nice treat, I think I'd like to come back and order the steak!

Drinks, Minute Steak, Wagyu Burger - complete with a french fry trying to escape!
What: Glass Wine Bar's $20 Corporate luch
Where: Glass Wine Bar at the Hilton Hotel
How much: $20

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