April 20, 2012

Jack Snacks!... Oreo Sticks (Green Tea flavour)

I bought these Green Tea Oreo Sticks a while ago but I had been saving them. Oh man.... now that I have finally eaten them, I wish I'd done so earlier cause I would have gone to the shops and bought the whole rack! But currently there's only the vanilla flavour available.

There's 3 packs inside, each containing 3 sticks. When you open the wrapper you can smell the green tea... mmm! It's crispy and not too sweet with a very nice green tea flavour - I really, really like them and am on the lookout in the hopes that there'll be more imported soon. I suppose I could try the vanilla flavour in the meantime but it just won't be as satisfying as green tea!

These Green Tea Oreo Sticks are the bomb!

What: Oreo Sticks (Green Tea flavour)
Where: At various asian shops, although lately I've only seen the vanilla flavour.
How much: I bought mine for $3.50 at Miracle Supermarket at World Square


  1. Hi Jackie! Haha it's so Japanese...3 sticks in each package! But I can totally see this is yummy. I've never tried this one. I hope I can find it in Japanese supermarket here.

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