August 15, 2012

Jack Snacks!... Nabisco Picola Uji Maccha Biscuits

Ever since I tried the tasty green tea Oreo Sticks, I've been on the lookout for them but sadly haven't seen any.... But! The same company that made them (Nabisco) also have a similar range called Picola which come in flavours uji maccha (green tea), strawberry and chocolate.

No doubt I had to buy the green tea to try and I have to say I actually liked these better than the Oreo Sticks! There are 2 packs inside the box, each containing 6 sticks. The wafer biscuit is crispy and light but being a 'plain' flavour the wafer component isn't as strong as the Oreo Sticks were.This allows the uji maccha flavour to come through reeeeal nicely which is great cause it's reeeeal good. Definitely one for the green tea fans out there, I've currently got 3 packs in my possession!

picola.. yum...
So yum it deserves an extra photo!

What: Nabisco Picola Uji Maccha Biscuits
Where: You can get this at various asian supermarkets that stock Japanese snacks, I've seen them at Maruyu, Thai Kee, Miracle, CitiSuper and Tokyo Super
How much: From $3.99 (at Maruyu and Tokyo Super), around the $4.50 mark at the other shops.

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  1. Good choice! I love picola's crispy shell and matcha flavor is always my pick for all kinds of chocolate snacks!