May 25, 2014

Jack Jap Snacks - a Snoopy Valentine!

So it's the first Jack Snacks post I've done in what feels like forever (not far off I guess!) so I thought I'd choose something interesting. It's been a few months since the snack was consumed but I wanted to share it anyway.

As you may know, Valentines day in Japan is a day where the men receive gifts - usually chocolate. The ladies don't get the gifts until a month later on March 14 called "White Day". Lucky for me, Jess happened to be in Tokyo around Valentines day this year and brought me back some Valentines-edition Snoopy chocolates from Grand Four. There are so many different styles around at this time, I'd love to go see them for myself one day!

Though the flavours were a little on the sweet side for my usual taste they were very nice chocolates indeed. And the packaging! Japanese packaging tends to be excessive but in this case you can't help but love how cute it is! Who wouldn't be won over by a valentine's gift like this?

For me? Why you shouldn't have!

Ok maybe you should have :)

Hello Snoopy and Belle.... almost too cute to eat, almost.
What: Valentines Day Snoopy chocolates by Grand Four
Where: Tokyo

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