February 14, 2011

The Other Sister

Yes I do exist and I am finally contributing to our blog although there is no way I will be able to keep up with Jack's snacks and her endless food adventures. It is a shame that we are only starting this now after living in Europe for the last 5.5 years but hopefully being in London, there will still be a few interesting posts from the other side of the world with the help of my husband Dave.

This first entry is going to capture a weekend of fun and celebration a week ago in London. On Saturday we had a quick lunch at Ping Pong, a chain in London that serves dim sum with a modern edge and Asian-inspired cocktails. Ping Pong is a bit pricier than your normal Chinese dim sum (or "yum cha" as it is known in Hong Kong and Australia) but the quality of the food is very good and well presented.

Today is only a quick meal with lots of steamed dumplings: green chive and prawn dumplings; scallop and shiitake dumplings; our favourite seafood dumplings (prawns, scallop and crab in carrot pastry) and finally the cute seabass dumplings in red cabbage pastry (a special dish for Chinese New Year).

We also had some "char siu" buns (BBQ pork buns), some fried crab coriander rolls (a fancy spring roll) and shiitake mushroom and chicken hotpot special which was a bit disappointing. This was all washed down with a couple of cocktails: Lemongrass and lime for Dave and an Elderflower Collins for me.

Ping Pong is highly recommended for a healthy but tasty brunch, or even dinner for the less traditional.
What: Ping Pong
Where: various locations in London
Price: Average £3-4 per dish

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