February 14, 2011


Back in September 2010 MeetFresh, a popular Taiwanese dessert chain, opened it's first Sydney store in Chinatown. Even now you'll usually see a long line out the front, such is it's popularity. And one can understand why, the handmade taro balls are a unique offering - chewy with a nice bite. The herbal jelly has a bit of chewiness too, and it's not overly sweet. Tofu pudding is light and silky. I've only tried a couple of the drinks and found them a little on the sweet side. I'm sticking to the taro balls instead!

Taro dessert 1 (left) and Honey bean tofu pudding (right), Taro dessert 1 (front), Herbal Jelly 2 (back).
What: MeetFresh
Where: Corner of Goulburn and Dixon Streets, Chinatown
How much: Around the $5/$6 mark

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  1. Read the blog name and thought I was looking at some strange "raw meat" dish =)