February 6, 2011

GPO Wood Fired Pizza

Mmm pizza. Especially the thin and crispy wood fired kind at GPO. It's crazy busy if you go there for lunch on a weekday but on a non-Friday weeknight it's not as hectic. I ordered 3 takeaway pizzas from there on a Wednesday night at about 8pm or so. They said it would take 10min and indeed they rang me after 10min to tell me it was ready. The drive home was torture because it smelt so good! And naturally it wasn't as crispy after travelling in a cardboard box but it was still dang good pizza. With an uber thin crust and generous amounts of fresh toppings in great combinations, there's a lot to like. And because the crust is so thin, it's not too heavy. We ordered 3 small pizzas (20cm), the Patate, Salsiccia and Ortolana. The Patate (Bianca Base with Shaved Potatoes, Rosemary, Sea Salt & Olive Oil) had the right amount of saltiness and the potato slices were nice and soft. Salsiccia (Tomato Base, Mozzarella, Italian Sausage Mince, Mushroom & Spinach) was a really nice mix of meat and vegies and Ortolana (Tomato Base with Mozzarella, Eggplant, Zucchini & Mushroom) has a very generous amount of topping which I personally like - it's disappointing to order say a mushroom pizza and only find a scattering of mushrooms on there. And no, I did not eat all 3 pizzas by myself!

Meet my three friends - Patate, Salsiccia and Ortolana.
What: GPO Wood Fired Pizza (see menu)
Where: Lower Ground Floor, GPO Sydney, No. 1 Martin Place.
How much: $40.90 for the 3 pizzas we ordered.

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