February 5, 2011

Jack Snacks!...Yuhin Popping Candy Dragon Beard Candy

Have you ever had Dragon Beard Candy (龍鬚糖)? I love watching it being made, probably even more than I like eating it. It's hard to get it fresh in Sydney, and Yuhin brand Dragon Beard Candy is a good option hand made in Hong Kong. And it tastes good! They have various flavours - Ice Crispy, Black Sesame, Spicy, Almond and even Wasabi Seaweed. But the flavour we are trying for today's Jack Snacks! is Popping Candy. It's good to place the whole piece in your mouth in one go as it's otherwise messy. First you enjoy the delicate texture of the Dragon Beard Candy and then "pop! pop! pop!" the popping candy goes crazy. I will definitely be getting this flavour again!

Pop! Pop! Pop! It's like a party in your mouth.
What: Yuhin Dragon Beard Candy
Where: At selected asian shops, I got this one from New Yen Yen supermarket (Burlington Centre, Chinatown)
How much: I paid $2.50 for this.


  1. Saw it live last week or so.
    Surprisingly quick to turn a blob of jello into fine hairs.

    Here's tube video of something like what I saw.

  2. It's not hard to get Dragon Beard Candy freshly made in Sydney. You can see it made live every Friday night at the Chinatown Night Markets.