February 4, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Apam balik

Last weekend I went to the Chinese New Year markets at Belmore park. I was in search of Apam Balik, a Malaysian street snack which had been available at the 2010 markets that I didn't make it to. I found it at one of this year's stalls, 2 for $7. There's 2 versions of Apam Balik - the slightly thicker pancake style and the thin & crispy style. I like the thicker pancake style best. Both sandwich a generous sprinkling of sugar and peanuts and there are other things which can be added. More often than not it's creamed corn. I am seemingly one of the only people in the world who does NOT like creamed corn. At the stall on this day it was the thin & crispy version. It also had creamed corn. Not exactly the combination I had hoped for but given how hard it is to find Apam Balik in Sydney, I was very, very grateful. Apologies for the poor photo quality - most of the Jack Snacks! photos are taken using my mobile if I don't have a proper camera handy.

Did I mention I don't like creamed corn?
What: Apam Balik (peanut pancake)
Where: It was at the CNY markets at Belmore park, now over.
How much: 2 for $7.

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  1. 我都想try thick version.