February 4, 2011

Jack Snacks!...Lychee gummy candy

Is there anyone who doesn't like gummy candy? The Japanese ones are great cause there's many different flavours such as this Meiji Kaju Lychee Gumi ("gumi" being the japanese version of the word "gummy"). It's got concentrated lychee juice and I could smell them from a couple metres away. They really taste like lychee too. The mini pack size is great to carry in your bag for a sugar hit at any time. You'll note that the price is listed below as "$2.99 on this occasion", prices are just a guideline - if you know Jack then you'll know that she loves to buy stuff when it's on sale. Jack loves a bargain snack.

Carry in your bag for a lychee hit any time.
What: Meiji Kaju Lychee Gumi
Where: I got this from Maruyu (scroll to the bottom of the page for the store locations)
How much: $2.99 on this occasion


  1. This cherry gummy is pretty good, but won't be better than real cheery...

  2. what is the size of the packaging? i mean the size of the plastic pouch.

  3. hey there, the plastic pouch is not that big - maybe 10x15cm? I can't remember exactly though as it's been a while! But it's quite flat, there aren't that many gummies inside.

  4. ok then, thanks for reply!

  5. you're more than welcome! thanks for reading my post :)