February 4, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Iced Matcha

Welcome to the first 'Jack Snacks!' post. What are they about? Well I'm Jack, and well, I snack. All the time. So I thought it'd be nice to make a short post about the various snacks that I try. Hope you like them, here goes!

It's not hot this week in Sydney. It's _really_ hot. And what better to cool down than an Iced Matcha? And if you're a little lazy, there's nothing better than a ready made mix - just add water! There are a few choices around, this particular one is UJInoTSUYU's 'Matcha with Sugar and Oligosaccharide' (origo sugar). You can have it hot, cold, with milk as a latte or even on shaved ice. So easy, and so tasty... this particular pack costs approximately $6 or $7 for 6 serves and you can get it at selected asian shops.

UJInoTSUYU Matcha w/ sugar & origo sugar - take one stick, pour contents into glass and add water - perfect for the hot weather!
What: UJInoTSUYU Matcha with Sugar and Oligosaccharide
Where: Try asian shops that stock Japanese teas
How much: I think it was around $6/7


  1. Love the photo layout... I can already see the oncoming endless storm of snackings that will be engulfing this blog ("9 o clock, snack o' clock, 11 o' clock, snack o'clock, ...")

    Just one problem with this Iced Matcha... it lacks.... ice. It's the time of the season to keep your ice cube tray stocked! Chop chop!

  2. It's so hot today... I wish I can drink this cold matcha