February 4, 2011

Lindt Blueberry Chocolat Mousse

I like chocolate. I like cake too. So naturally I should like chocolate cake, but often it's just too sweet. This Lindt Blueberry Chocolat Mousse ($40 for a whole cake) from one of the four Lindt Cafe's in Sydney looks like it should be too sweet but it actually isn't. Described by Lindt as "layers of chocolate hazelnut biscuit, blueberry compote and dark chocolate mousse that lay beneath a mirror of blueberry glaze", it's surprisingly easy to eat. Not too sweet, the chocolate not too overpowering and the blueberry giving a hint of fruitiness. I guess I do like chocolate cake afterall.

What: Blueberry Chocolat Mousse cake
Where: Lindt Cafe's
How much: this one was $40

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