February 21, 2011

Jack Snacks!... In love with Soft Brew Apple

Yes that's right, I am in love with a drink! It's not your average soft drink nor is it a regular apple juice. It's "Soft Brew Apple" made by WP Hopper. It's a soft drink that's brewed like a beer with barley, hops and fruit juice (apple and pear in this case) but because there's no fermentation it's completely alcohol free. When I saw it at the local fruit shop I bought one straight away and couldn't wait to try it. Would it taste like beer? Would it taste like apple juice? It tasted like apple beer!! Now I don't mind the way regular beer tastes, but when I drink it I make a little "alcohol wince". Soft brew apple is smooth and doesn't give you any sort of wince. I would choose this over a regular beer any day of the week! In fact, if they stocked this at pubs and bars, I could see myself drinking all night...

Soft brew apple. Hello my love!
Oh, I should mention. There are actually 3 flavours. Apple, Blackcurrant and Citrus. I have since tried the Blackcurrant which is also nice, but I think the fruity-beer aspect isn't as noticable. I'll have to try the citrus as well. At this point, apple is definitely the winner and the one you should try first.

Soft brew blackcurrant - nice, but my heart stays true to apple.

What: WP Hopper Soft Brew drinks
Where: I found it at Royal Randwick Fruit Market, I'll be checking out other stores to see who else stocks it.
How much: I could have sworn it was $3.99 the first time I bought it. But the second time round it was only $1.99. $1.99!!!! Love only costs $1.99! UK readers can buy this at Waitrose according to the WP Hopper website too!


  1. Ooer, I like the sound of this! It be right down my alley.

    Sounds a bit like a cider without the alcohol. Looks mighty tasty. Must try.

    And the best part is $1.99... I'm forever lamenting the boring drinks we have in Australia... and when they're interesting they're always $4+ (and/or tiny) which is ridiculous.

  2. I've only had apple cider a few times and remember being distinctly disappointed that it didn't taste apple-y enough. I think this is what apple cider should taste like! And yes, the price is amazing, I really can't believe it. Maybe I should buy a few cases in case the price goes up again. You know how much I love a good bargain!