February 22, 2011

Java Restaurant

Looking at my posts, it probably seems I don't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. That perhaps my diet is comprised solely of snacks instead. So it's time for a dinner post. And what better than one of my favourite restaurants in Randwick, no, make that one of my favourite restaurants full stop! It's none other than Java Restaurant, an Indonesian place that's been around for years and years (it's something in the vincinity of 20, I can't remember exactly now).

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but my family have been eating at this restaurant for over 10yrs, and we order the same dishes every time. EVERY time. When we've got a larger table, then we might add something new to try. But the dishes I'm going to blog about today, are the ones that we order without fail. The waiter knows as well and smiles knowingly when he says "the usual?" :)

The usual #1 - Ayam Sereh. Deep fried chicken pre-marinated in lemon grass and spices ($13.90). It's the perfect fried chicken, with crispy coated skin and tender flesh. The lemon grass and spices are the perfect combination, not too overpowering. It's served with chilli on the side which is a low spicy and I think contains some tomato. Sometimes when we have a big table of diners, we order 2 serves cause nobody wants to miss out. That's how good it is.

The usual #2 - Kangkung Cah Bawang Putih or Terasi. Choice of stir-fried Water Spinach sauteed with garlic or tomato slices, onions and shrimp paste chilli ($13.90). We always go for the garlic option, as some of our family are not chilli eaters. Plus it's nice to have a non-chilli dish as all the other dishes have a chilli component. This is the kind of vegetable dish that everyone likes, even people who don't like vegetables. And I can attest to that as I do know such people and they have gone to Java and liked this dish!

Ayam Sereh, Kangkung with garlic.

The usual #3 - Terong Belado. Fried egg plant pieces topped with belado chilli (11.90). Perfectly fried eggplant topped with a fresh chilli sauce that isn't too spicy. For a fried dish, it's nice and light, the pieces of eggplant are chunky so you get nice fresh eggplant inside.

The usual #4 - Ikan Goreng Cabe. Deep fried whole snapper topped with medium hot chilli (market price, last time I had it, it was $31). Another glorious example of how deep fried food should taste. The fish is not too dry inside, and the outside is so crispy that you can crunch away on the fins and other fried bits. The chilli is different to those in the above dishes - it's a little hotter and not so much the salsa-like consistency that you get with Ayam Sereh or Terong Belado. Note that we ask for our chilli to be served on the side.

Terong Belado, Ikan Goreng Cabe.

Rice costs $2 per person, but is unlimited. And that's important cause this is the kind of food that makes you eat more rice than usual. And it does seem like a lot of fried food to eat at once, but you don't walk out feeling like you just ate a bucket of KFC. Our mum likes healthy food that's boiled or steamed but even she has a soft spot for Java.

This post is dedicated to Ice Man. I once had some leftover Ayam Sereh which I took to work the next day and gave to Ice Man to try. Even though it was leftover fried food that had to be reheated in the microwave, he loved it and asked me where I got it from. I said we'd go for lunch or dinner sometime together with Clem but haven't got around to it yet. This is a good reminder, we should go soon, I'm always up for Java :)

What: Java Restaurant
Where: 151 Avoca St, Randwick. Ph: 02 9398 6990. Open every day 11am-10pm except Tuesday
How much: Most dishes under $20
Need to know: They only take cash payments and for friday and saturday night dinner you should definitely make a booking


  1. Clem needs a cool pseudo name too!

  2. Ice Man likes his fried chicken