February 23, 2011

Jack Snacks!... TeAmo Teapresso

Another tea place to love! Even though EasyWay tea is everywhere, it's at the bottom of the list when it comes to preference. It's too sweet and the tea taste is lacking. Chatime and BoBiBon are better offerings with their stronger tea taste and, in the case of Chatime, a wide variety of interesting flavours. There's another really good option now, and that's TeAmo Teapresso. According to the little pamphlet/menu booklet, they use a teapresso machine. And that's what's so good, the strong emphasis on the tea component. There's hot teas (tea lattes and cappuccinos and brewed tea), iced tea lattes, iced milk teas and iced traditional teas. You can add pearls or various jellys but no fruit flavourings for the drink itself. It's good as it is, cause you can really taste the tea! They also sell crepes and a few flavours of ice-cream which I am yet to try. But if you are a tea lover like me, try this place out!

Iced Classic Green Tea ($4.50 XL) with mixed jelly ($0.40) and Iced Roasted Tea ($4.50 XL), the TeAmo shop, the iced green tea before all the jelly disappeared.

Yep, check it out, that's real tea they use and that's tea in my drink!

What: TeAmo Teapresso
Where: Shop LG 08, 580 George St, Sydney (Adjoining Citisuper asian supermarket)
How much: Priced from $2.80

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  1. Nice tea, nice description and nice belt...