February 26, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Sugar Coated Tamarind

This is more of an old school snack. But something that I hadn't tried before, despite having seen it in asian shops all my life. Sugar coated tamarind is a strange and interesting combination - it's hot (the tamarind is a spicy kick), sour and sweet all at the same time. Just like Thai food! Cause that's where it's from. It makes me wince, but not alcohol-wince. It's more of a kick-you-awake kind of wince. It could be just the thing to take to those long boring meetings...

Sour, sweet and hot - can you handle it or not?

What: Sugar Coated Tamarind
Where: At most asian supermarkets
How much: Only $1.29!


  1. I agree, I've tried before and I got kicked by the CHILLI inside. This is one of the CHILLI snack I like the most!

  2. Old school snack from our childhood! Love it! +1