February 27, 2011

A Snack from Jess

Dips are great for snacking and entertaining especially if you don't have to make them. One of my favourites which is a little different is the pea and wasabi dip from Marks and Spencer (M&S). M&S are renowned in England for their range of ready made meals which are easy to buy and good value. I get this dip from the small M&S at Clapham Junction station which is convenient if friends are coming over for drinks as I just serve it up with some toasted pita bread (and it's a quick and yummy snack before dinner which looks healthy cause it's green!). The dip also contains mint and soft cheese which makes for a more interesting dip than the usual french onion or houmus.

What: Pea and wasabi dip with mint and soft cheese
Where: Marks and Spencer supermarkets
How much: £2.99

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