February 28, 2011

Sick days 1... Soup for lunch

What do you crave to eat when you're sick? Like most chinese people, my answer is congee. Well most of the time anyway. It's the ultimate comfort food. This past week coughing and sniffles can be heard all around, everyone's sick and I haven't escaped. There's been nothing better than my mum's congee at home. But going back to work I have to fend for myself and find alternative comfort foods, congee is not easily found in Sydney's cbd.

So on this day, lunch was another great comfort food and that's none other than soup. There's a little shop at the George St entrance to Hunter Connection food court. They sell fresh juices and a handful of different soups. I decided to try the "sweet corn and tomato" and despite not being a big fan of corn it was pretty good. With enough flavour for a sick person to actually taste and enough vegetables to leave you feeling fairly satisfied, I was able to get through the rest of the day. Oh, I also got a pumpkin seed roll from Luneburger which is one of my favourite bakeries in Sydney so I was plenty full after I finished everything.

Hot soup and fresh bread, it's a sick man's lunch.

What: Sweetcorn and tomato soup, pumpkin seed roll
Where: Soup was from the juice/soup place at Hunter Connection food court (at George St entrance), bread roll from Luneburger at Wynard train station
How much: I got a regular soup for $6 (large is $7.50), bread roll was $1

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