March 2, 2011

Sick days 2... Pho from Vermicelli

It's another day at work feeling sick and even so I don't really want to have soup every day. So instead, there's noodle soup :) I decided to try the beef noodle soup from Vermicelli on King St as I remember liking their rice paper rolls a long time ago. Since I'm still sick I opt for the regular size, it's pretty small and probably would only be filling enough for a healthy person with a very small appetite. The takeaway container is quite small too, so it's hard to manoeuvre the contents around and I can't get to the bean sprouts til I get to the very bottom of the container. Asides the bean sprouts logistics, the taste is nice - it's flavoursome and doesn't have the msg taste that leaves you feeling so thirsty you want to down a litre of water. And they've got the all important herbs too. Sickly me gives it a thumbs up for taste and quality, healthy me thinks it could be a bigger serving.

Beansprouts nowhere to be seen, they're waaaaay down the bottom.

What: Beef noodle soup
Where: Vermicelli on King Street
How much: $7.50 for a regular ($9 for large)

1 comment:

  1. Another joint I've been to I got the "special" Pho.
    The specialness was the meats were what I would describe as "miscellaneous", e.g. intestines, and unidentifiable parts. =)