March 4, 2011

Sick days 3... Cheung Sing BBQ House

Another day and I'm still sick. It's the weekend and I find myself at Cheung Sing BBQ House in Maroubra. There's an endless number of items on the menu but feeling the way I do I really don't have an appetite (rare, I know). I find "rice noodle soup" the most appealing option. Plain rice noodles in plain soup with plain vegetables. It's the kind of thing a sick person eats. And even better is the fact that it was cheap at just $4. And since I'd made a cost saving on the noodles I also ordered an iced lemon tea, the justification that lemon is good for a sore throat!

Soothe your throat with iced lemon tea, and your sick soul with plain rice noodle soup.

What: Cheung Sing BBQ House
Where: 695 Anzac Parade, Maroubra Junction ph: (02) 9349 3362
How much: Plain noodles only cost $4, one can still be frugal when under the weather. Iced lemon tea was around the $3 mark (?).

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