February 10, 2011

Makoto Salmon Sashimi

Wednesday was the seventh day of Chinese New Year. Known as "Yan Yat" in Cantonese (人日) it is considered to be everyone's birthday and for those of us who are Chinese Malaysians, it's a day to "Lao Yusheng" for good luck. Literally this means to mix or toss raw fish. The "Yusheng" is a salad that includes raw fish, vegetables and sauce. Unfortunately you won't see any of that in this post! As it's only mum and me we usually just get some salmon sashimi for our own simple version of lao yusheng. I got this takeaway salmon sashimi from Makoto. It was fresh and came with some seaweed salad, a tasty substitute indeed.

It's not quite Lao Yusheng, but at least it was tasty!
What: Small Salmon Sashimi
Where: Makoto sushi bar, 19 Liverpool St, Sydney
How much: $15 for 10 slices and a little seaweed salad on the side

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