March 9, 2011

Central Baking Depot - Beef brisket, mushroom & red wine pie

For someone who's spent 5/6ths of their life living in Sydney, I've managed to not pick up some quintessential Sydney traits. I don't spend weekends at the beach, hardly drink beer and I don't watch the nrl religiously. Ok, I don't watch nrl at all. But one very Australian food that I've become very attached to over the years is the meat pie. So simple - a bit of pastry that holds some meat in sauce. It doesn't sound like much to get excited about but when done right a meat pie is heaven on earth to me.

This is where Central Baking Depot comes in. The 'little brother' of Bourke Street Bakery that's located in the CBD (CBD, Central Baking Depot.. co-incidence? I think not!), it has breads, cakes, pastries, sandwiches, coffee etc etc. There are a few small dine in tables but the large majority seem to line up for takeaway at this awesome bakery. The atmosphere reminds me alot of bakeries that you find in europe. And when I think of european bakeries I inevitably think of Bakken met Passie which is situated a few minutes walk from where Jess used to live in Amsterdam. I would go back to Amsterdam just to eat their amazing ham and cheese croissant which is hands down the best in the whole wide world. So ok, Central Baking Depot is not quiiite Bakken met Passie, but it's not far off and I think Sydney could definitely do with more places like this. I shall proceed to tell you why.

The pies and sausage rolls are supplied by Bourke Street Bakery and I know their sausage rolls are oh so famous but I'm a sucker for a pie and just have to try one. I choose the "beef brisket, mushroom and red wine pie". WOW. The pastry was light and flaky, with a smattering of poppyseeds on top. Inside you'll find REAL beef and NO gristle, surrounded by an abundance of thinly sliced mushrooms and a full flavoured red wine sauce. Beef brisket pie, where have you been all my life?? Everytime I think about this pie I want to eat it. Like.. right now...

Seriously, if you like meat pies half as much as I do, try it. I'm curious to know if anybody else is as impressed as me - so leave a comment if you do eat one and tell me what you think! Oh, I'm also super keen to try their 'flourless chocolate and sour cherry cake' as I remember oggling it the first time I visited Central Baking Depot and it's been waiting for me to try it ever since. In fact, I might have to get a piece during lunch tomorrow...

Flaky layers of pastry reveal a jumble of meat and mushrooms in a very tasty sauce. I kid you not, that is a chunk of real meat! And they don't skimp on the mushrooms either!

What: Central Baking Depot
Where: 37-39 Erskine St, Sydney. Check the website for opening hours and details of their new stores (Bondi Junction opens on 14 March and Neutral Bay in April 2011)
How much: A pie this good doesn't come cheap. It costs $5.30 - but it's worth every cent!


  1. And how does this compare with Pie Face? =)

  2. This is loads better than Pie Face! I loved Pie Face in the beginning, but found that the quality of the meat started to drop and not worth the $4.95 price tag. This pie's meat is good quality - no gristle or "what is this?" bits to be found. And the pastry on top is flaky and crispy. Will be interested to know what you think when you try it! :)