March 7, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Senjaku Petit Grape Candy

I love eating fruit. I especially love eating grapes. Actually, I eat grapes at work every day. That's right, 5 days a week! So naturally, this Senjaku Petit Grape Candy looked like something I ought to try. It's even got 5 flavours, each one a different variety of grape. The flavours are Cabernet Sauvignon, Muscat of Alexandria, Delaware, Chardonnay and Kyoho. Yum! They have a really nice grape flavour and there are subtle differences between the grape varieties. And the petit size is oh so cute! Yummy, I like them!

5 different varieties of grapes!

Yummy - I like them. Even Mr Pricklepants likes them!

What: Senjaku Petit Grape Candy
Where: Get it at asian shops that sell Japanese candy
How much: This one around the $5 mark - I lost the receipt as it was a while ago!

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