March 14, 2011

Pho TK

Back when Market City first opened, there was a Hong Kong style eatery called Roxy which I loved eating at. So when Roxy closed and was replaced with another, there was not much appeal because the Roxy I had known and loved was gone. Fast forward many years and I find myself at one of the subsequent re-incarnations of the Roxy space - it's called Pho TK. Now I don't normally opt to eat pho in Chinatown as I prefer places out in the 'burbs but hey, it wasn't going to hurt to give this place a try.

So naturally I got the pho tai (beef noodle soup). The mandatory plate of bean sprouts, lemon and Vietnamese mint are placed on our table soon after ordering and it's a good sign as it looks fresh. Next is the bowl of noodle soup. There's a big clump of beef slices changing from pink to meaty-grey in the hot broth. It's alright, could be a little more tender and thinly sliced though. The soup is alright too - the flavour is decent though quite light but it's not too salty and doesn't leave you with msg-parched-ness (yes, I made that term up, it's called poetic license!). As for the noodles - they taste fine but as I ate them I started to get frustrated, they kept breaking up, making them difficult to eat. All in all, not a bad pho but not outstanding either, it's nice and I'd eat it again but I wouldn't go to Market City just to eat it.

If only them noodles would just stop breaking...

What: Pho TK
Where: Level 1, Market City, Haymarket Ph: 02 9211 8278
How much: Pho Tai costs $8.95

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