March 18, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Breadtop Banana in Pyjamas

Nevermind anything else, but I love the name of this cake! I'm sure most people are familiar with Breadtop's Banana in Pyjamas but I think it's worth writing up in case anybody hasn't tried it. Not only is the name cute but it also serves as a description of the cake. Y'see, it ain't just some regular banana cake, it is one half of a vertically bisected banana wearing pyjamas made of cake. I still remember the very first time I ate it, a friend introduced me to it as soon as they discovered that I had never eaten one. The surprise! Nothing beats fresh banana but dressed up in light cream and fluffy cake you get a really nice treat. Or should I say dressed down?

Pyjama party!

What: Breadtop's Banana in Pyjamas
Where: Breadtop
How much: It costs $3.00


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jack. I love bananas! I must try one of these. By the way, I think the name of your blog and the pencil drawing is so adorable.

  2. Thanks Dumpling Girl! I'll be interested to know if you like the banana in pyjamas cake. I also went straight to your blog - great name and I will definitely be reading regularly :)

  3. hi, which breadtop's store did you buy this cake? cos i've tried this cake last year, i bought it in Sydney and i loooveee it. but now i'm in Melbourne, and i've been to 2 Breadtop stores, but they don't have it. thanks before

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I buy this cake from the Sydney Breadtop stores. Perhaps Melbourne stores are not making this cake - you could try asking at one of the stores or maybe send an email to breadtop to ask if any of the Melbourne stores sell it? Good luck, I hope you find it!