March 19, 2011

Return to Central Baking Depot - Quiche and Cake

After my recent trip to Central Baking Depot, I was keen to go back. In particular, I was keen to try the Flourless Chocolate and Sour Cherry Slice. Well, I did go back. I went back at 4pm on a weekday when having a late lunch. I was hoping to sit in the cafe and relax a little but apparently it's only takeaway at this hour. So I took my treats to the park instead.

I was thinking of getting the Beef Brisket pie again but there weren't any left so I made a last minute decision to get the Pancetta and Gruyere Cheese Quiche. I don't know about others, but everytime I order a quiche I am instantly hit by a pang of regret. "What am I doing?!" is what I would usually think. Why you may ask? Because quiche usually has a disproportionate amount of egg which makes it a little bland and overly-eggy in a weird way. So I ordered this Pancetta and Gruyere Cheese Quiche and immediately started to question my judgement. To make matters worse I noticed on the way to the park that the paper bag was getting rather oily. Oh no! Was I to meet an eggy-oily fate? I took my first bite. Crunch!! Sure the pastry is a little on the oily side, but you barely notice it cause it's so crunchy and tasty. And then there's the pancetta - there is loads of it!!! The filling for the quiche is not at all over-eggy. I hardly remember the oil when I'm eating it, that's how good it is.

Enough pancetta to raise your cholesterol, in a most tasty way.

With savouries out of the way, it was time to finally taste the Flourless Chocolate and Sour Cherry Slice which I had oggled on previous occasions but never bought. It looked good in the shop but then after eating the quiche I worried if it was going to be too oily too. It's probably not that healthy - but dang it tastes good! It's so moist and soft and light you can practically inhale it. The chocolate flavour is nice, the only complaint is that there's not that many sour cherries. If there were a few more it would be even more awesome. One word - yum! Hmm.. what next to try from Central Baking Depot......

Have you sniffed this recently?

What: Pancetta and Gruyere Cheese Quiche, Flourless Chocolate and Sour Cherry Slice
Where: Central Baking Depot
How much: Quiche was $4.40 and Slice was $4.50

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