March 21, 2011

New Shanghai Bondi Junction... and 1/2 price "Dumpling Happy Hour"!!!!!!!

Do you love Xiao Long Bao? Do you love them so much you could eat more than 1 steamer full on your own? Do you love them so much that your family referred to you as Xiao Long Girl back when you were a student? Oh wait, now I'm just talking about me!

Right, so I looooove Xiao Long Bao. And it's become a lot easier to get my Xiao Long Bao fix thanks to places like Din Tai Fung, New Shanghai, Taste of Shanghai - now I don't have to go all the way to Ashfield for these wonderful soup dumplings.

I was at Westfield Bondi Junction today and decided to try their recently opened stall at the Harbour Room foodcourt (David Jones end, yes - the expensive foodcourt). We got the "New Shanghai Xiao Long Bao" (pork) as well as boiled "Pork and Chinese cabbage dumpling".

Compared to the dumplings at their Ashfield restaurant, they were pretty much the same except that they were quite salty. Maybe the cook added a little too much salt today by accident? The Xiao Long Bao had a nice thin skin but could have held a little more soup. The soup that was there, could have been a little more flavoursome. Boiled dumplings are nice and have a good home made taste (although still too salty).

I'm willing to try it again to see if the salt levels go down, it makes for a good food court option, especially if you're not too hungry since you can get the smaller side dishes as well as get the dumplings in half-size portions.

Friendly dumpling lady in action (I said dumpling, not dumpy!), Xiao Long Bao, Pork and Chinese Cabbage Dumplings.

Another reason why I'm willing to try it is because they currently have "Dumpling Happy Hour". You'll see in the bottom photo the flyer that I picked up. All dumplings are 1/2 price 6pm-7pm Monday to Friday. For a limited time only. That's why I had to post this today, despite there being loads of other posts I haven't written up yet.

How cheap is that!

Dumpling Happy Hour leaflet, the dumpling lady in action.

What: Xiao Long Bao dumplings, and other assorted Shanghai dishes
Where: New Shanghai (the Dumpling Happy Hour is only at Westfield Bondi Junction)
How much: Xiao Long Bao is $7.00 for 8, Pork and Chinese Cabbage Dumpling is $8.80

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