March 21, 2011

Princi Day & Night

Princi is probably the trendiest panetteria (bakery) I know; from the stylish modern design, to the all Italian staff and of course the food. It isn't surprising that it is busy all day long, even at 10:30pm on a Thursday night when we popped in to grab some takeaway cake.

Princi is successful because it does something very simple, very well and according to my wise husband, that is the secret to success. The Soho panetteria is the London post for the Italian bakeries in Milan, hence the style. But the food is equally good and with plenty of variety, it is a popular hangout for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the few visits, we have already sampled:
  • Soft, doughy focaccia with Parma ham which was so simple yet tasty
  • Fresh pizza slices with spinach and cheese
  • Meat lasagne from the hot (more like warm) food selection, which was meaty and tasty
  • Passionfruit cheesecake which is a refreshing but satisfying dessert
  • Amaretti and chocolate trancio - a thick chocolately slice which wasn't too sweet
  • Crostata di Fragole - a simple strawberry tart
  • Lemon, chocolate and toffee slice - my favourite, a perfectly balanced sweet and citrus cake
Add to this good coffee (of course) and Princi is the perfect stop for a quick and simple snack or meal.

Princi isn't the cheapest bakery but it is tasty, filling and won't leave you feeling heavy. It's also very busy so it can be hard to get a seat but whether you eat in or takeaway, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

What: Princi panetteria
Where: 135 Wardour St, Soho, London
How much: Average price for cakes, pizzas and focaccias £4.60, lasagne £6.50, coffee £2.30


  1. hallo!! i was searching info for "princi" as i 'm going back this year in london and i found these photos . in one of them i'm dining in princi.. so nice!! do you have any more photos from that day ??

    1. Hi there! That is so great! What a coincidence :) This post was written by Jess so I will ask her to check if there are any more photos :)