March 23, 2011

Jack Snacks!... 85°C Creme Brulee and Sweet Heart Pastry

The bakery chain. Back in the day, there were places like Helen's Cake Shop, Bakery King Cake Shop, Savoy and others. But more chains have since arrived - Breadtop, Barby's, Hello Happy and the subject of today's post - 85°C.

The Taiwanese chain arrived in Sydney in 2006 and are still going strong. I frequent their Kingsford store on a regular basis so I'm always looking at what's new and what I haven't tried yet.

Creme Brulee is a single serve treat that is ohhh so delicious and satisfying. It's custard is smooth and silky and the right level of richness. The caramel layer on top is not that hard but the smoky and sweet taste more than makes up for it. I'm not going to say much more. The photo evidence says it all - yum.

No words need to be said!

Sweet Heart Pastry is a new addition. I like to call it by it's cantonese name Lo Po Beng though it's also known as Sweetheart cake, Wife cake, Wife biscuit it's an old classic that they've introduced. 85's version is a thin, flat pastry that's not too sweet. It's not bad at all and I'd eat it again. But in my opinion there is only one Lo Po Beng in Sydney which is truly awesome (blog post about this one coming soon!). 85's version loses out in taste and price - cause at $1.80 it's not really value for money even if it does taste good. It hasn't quite won my heart - I'm staying faithful to the Creme Brulee.

She's nice, but not quite marriage material.

What: Creme Brulee and Sweet Heart Pastry (lo po beng)
Where: 85°C Coffee, Cake and Bakery Specialist
How much: Creme Brulee costs $2.80 and Sweet Heart Pastry was $1.80


  1. ooh cant wait till your post about the awesome lo po beng

  2. Hope you like the awesome lo po beng Chocolatesuze :) As mentioned in the post, there is yet another one to try and I will definitely be checking it out!