April 28, 2011

Jack K-Snacks!... 쵸코 플륫 (Choco Flute)

One thing I've noticed is that Korean snackage is fairly easy on the wallet. The weird thing though is that quite a few of the Korean grocery shops in the city don't have prices on the shelves - this annoys me somewhat as I like to know how much something costs when considering my purchases. So I don't really know exactly how much this Lotte Choco Flute was, but it's roughly in the $1/$2 range.

Choco Flute is a packet of 3 chunky 'flutes'. My limited korean can figure out what 3 of the 4 layers (or 'quartet' as the pack seems to say, nice pun from Lotte) are - caramel, peanut and chocolate. The last one I don't know the korean for but obviously it has to be the wafer. It's pretty nice, I'm not really a caramel lover cause I don't like food that sticks to my teeth but I managed to scoff all 3 sticks in no time at all. Kinda like a lighter, more musical version of a Picnic bar!

Choco Flute - 4 'quartets' of caramel, wafer, peanut and chocolate.

Not as ugly as a picnic bar but pretty tasty!

What: 쵸코 플륫 (Choco Flute) from Lotte
Where: You'll find it in selected Korean grocery shops
How much: Somewhere around the $1-2 mark.

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