April 27, 2011

Jack K-Snacks!... 맛있는 라면 (Delicious Ramen)

Korean snacks feature highly in my snack-diet. But today's K-Snack is one of those foods that can be a snack or a meal. That's right, I'm talking about the ubiquitous instant noodle!

But 맛있는 라면 is not your average instant noodle. It's name translates as "delicious ramen" and it really is delicious in my opinion. It's very much like the majority of other Korean instant noodles with a bright red super spicy soup - yum! It's got some dehydrated vegetables including mushrooms, carrot and even broccoli - yum again! So why do I like this one better? It's got no MSG. Say what? Instant noodles without MSG? Yes, such a thing does exist! So it's probably about as healthy as instant noodles can get and it really does taste good. You can get the cup noodle size for a snack, bowl noodle size for a small meal or you can buy the packet one and cook up a proper meal. I've had all three and of course the packet one is the best but the other two are also good for emergency eating or late night snacks. Delicious!

No MSG, dehydrated vegetables - healthy instant noodles?

What: 맛있는 라면 (Delicious Ramen)
Where: You can get it at most Korean grocery stores
How much: The cup version costs about $1.00, bowl version is around the $2 mark and the packet noodles comes in a pack of 4 for $4.00


  1. Hmmmmm I'm very interested in these now. I wonder how many calories are in this vs the normal instant noodles?
    I may have to keep an eye out for these next time I venture into the asian food shop!
    Thanks for the great find! Who doesn't love an easy instand noodle for a meal :)

  2. Hi Ringo-chan! I'm not too sure about calories but I suppose it can't be toooo healthy :) I hope you'll like them! I agree, it's such a great easy meal, especially when 'dressed up' with an egg :) Hope you have a fantastic weekend!