April 30, 2011

Jack K-Snacks!... Sunkist Cherryade

Alright, it's by Sunkist so it's not thaaat exotic but it has Korean writing on it and you won't see it here at coles or woolies so it qualifies for a K-Snack!

I picked this up from Conveni-8 for $1.20. It's....ok. The cherry flavour is not bad - a tad medicinal, which seems to be a real love-hate sort of thing when it comes to these kinds of drinks (think sarsaparilla, cherry cola etc). It's a little too sweet for me and a little on the artificial-tasting side. But that's cause I prefer my cherry juice straight up!

Not exactly a winner, not exactly a loser. Oh, and for the curious, what's the Korean name on the can? It literally spells out the sound of the word "Cherryade", go figure!

Hmm, maybe it needed more kiss from the sun to taste better...
What: Sunkist Cherryade
Where: At selected Korean and other asian shops. I got this one from Conveni-8 (303 Pitt St, Sydney)
How much: $1.20 is what I paid


  1. Is it supposed to be like a juice or carbonated? I had one and stuck for like a month or so, then opened and it's not bubbly. i dunno if spoilt or not, and still drink it! haha!

    1. Hi MM - I don't think it's meant to be carbonated - it's kinda more like a mix between juice and soft drink... but without much actual juice! :) Did you like it?