May 1, 2011

Jack K-Snacks!... The Stone Age (석기시대)

The weekend is nearly coming to an end, I hope you've all enjoyed it! So with the new week about to begin it's time to wrap up K-Week with one more K-Snack!

I saw this at a Korean grocery shop and thought "Ooh chocolate rocks! How awesomely primary school!"
I have a penchant for old school foods and snacks. I also like handy little packets that I can stow in my bag, it's always good to have nibbles on the bus, out shopping, and anytime else. The name of these chocolate rocks translates as "The Stone Age" heehee! Well, not much to report in terms of taste, it's exactly like the kind you had in school - candy covered milk chocolate that look like little stones. Which ain't a bad thing, the old school classics shouldn't be messed with.

It's old school alright.. all the way from the stone age.

What: 'The Stone Age' chocolate rocks (석기시대)
Where: Find it at Korean grocery shops. I got mine from Wellbeing Mart (10 London St, Campsie), one of my favourite Korean shops - it's big and has loads of different things.
How much: $1.00


  1. Heh they do look like pebbles. I'd the be type of person to plant them in a garden and then eat them in front of a gullible person. lol

  2. I like the way you think Helen! I'm going to save that deliciously cheeky idea for a suitable oppurtunity :)