May 22, 2011

Jack Snacks!... UHA C-Care Grape

UHA C-Care is one funny candy. It comes in 2 flavours - lemon and grape. I tried grape first and I liked it so much that I just keep buying grape instead of trying the lemon.

I guess it's called "C-Care" because it's got collagen and vitamin C. Hee hee yes, collagen! Not sure if it will improve your skin's elasticity so I'll just describe how it tastes. The outer layer is a hard candy shell. You bite into it and the inside is like a hard gummy - it's chewy and has got a kinda bouncy element to the gummy, all in a nice grape flavour. It's a funny sensation the first time you eat it and, in my case, really addictive! Oh it's also one of those handy small packets that I love carrying around!

Mmm tastes like collagen.

What: UHA C-Care Grape candy
Where: Get it at selected asian supermarkets (I've bought it from Thai Kee in Market City and also Miracle at World Square)
How much: From $3.55 upwards. $3.55 is the cheapest I've seen it and that's from Thai Kee at Market City.

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  1. Good report. Nice to know the market price for that...