May 29, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Q-Choco Mochi Choco Pie (Green tea flavour)

Egad! It's been another crazy week at work that has left me with no time to blog. So, apologies... again. It's going to be like this for a while I'm afraid.

With long hours at work, there's alot more snacking to be done when sitting at your desk all the time. This Q-Choco looked quite interesting - it's from Taiwan and I like Taiwanese food? - and cheap at $2.60 so I thought I'd give it a try.

There's alot of packaging considering the size and number of choco pies in there. They're rather small but they're individually packed and then placed in a cardboard 'tray' which is then vacuum sealed and then placed inside the box that you see on the supermarket shelf. Er.. hello? Environment killer?

It's on the sweet side, but I like it. The chocolate on the outside is that 'asian' tasting chocolate, the mochi is a nice chewy consistency and the green tea filling has got a decent tea taste. The flavours actually work quite well together and I discovered the box was empty in no time at all. I think they have a couple of other flavours, but I just can't go past green tea anything.

Not green-conscious, but it is green-tasty.

What: Q-Choco Mochi Choco Pie (Green tea flavour)
Where: At selected asian supermarkets
How much: I got it for $2.60


  1. Hi Jack, hope someone at your work is reading how crazily you're working and decides to give you a pay rise, you poor thing.