June 1, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Tohato Bari K Habanero Chips (the bestest and the hottest!)

Tohato. They make that awesome Caramel Corn. Which I LOVE. Especially the original flavour and the green tea flavour. But that's for another snack post.

What I wanted to talk about is that they make other snacks too, and I've discovered that there's something else they make which is awesome. It's their habanero chilli chips range. Check out this info about them, you gotta love the advertising and I have to say I'm totally in love with their chilli characters! It just screams "Rah! I'm so chilli I'm going to burn your tongue off! Rah!" - well to me anyway...

How fantastic is this packaging!

Funny thing is, I'm not super crazy about spicy food but there are certain spicy foods that I do really like. I've tasted 3 of the Tohato Habanero chips and this one is definitely the hottest and the tastiest. It's super, super spicy but it's got a saltiness and flavour that is hard to stop eating.

Rings of habanero chilli fire. The bestest and the hottest!

I liked them so much. So much so that before I even finished the first packet I went out and....


Yes, I bought 3 more packets. I might save some for Jess to try, if she's lucky....
What: Tohato Bari K Habanero Chips
Where: At selected shops selling Japanese snacks. I got mine from Conveni-8
How much: $4.30 - not a cheap chip but totally worth it in my opinion.


  1. I'm intrigued, I'll keep my eye out for them :)

  2. Hi Dumpling Girl! I'll be interested to know if you try them and think they're good. As you can see, I am just a little obsessed! Thanks too for the kind words earlier this week :) Hope you're having a great day despite the grey weather!

  3. What do they taste like? I've never seen these before!