June 3, 2011

On the roof eating cake is on the road!

Yes, that's right - we are on the road! Tomorrow I'll be flying with our mum and extended family to meet up with Jess and Dave in London. We'll be spending about a week exploring Jess' hood and then we're heading over to France for what will hopefully be a patisserie filled week of eating and fun. More than anything else, I am really looking forward to spending time with family, especially Jess. While we're away, there'll be a few posts to keep the blog alive.

I've travelled to Europe a couple of times but only been to the UK once. That was when Dave was living in Southampton and Jess was living in Amsterdam (yes, why didn't we start this blog earlier? We've done so much eating in so many different countries, what a shame!). Anyway, the man at immigration thought it funny that Southampton was the very first place I was visiting in the UK as we had flown there directly, and knowing this he took extra special care when stamping my passport.
As for London, we made a day trip as it wasn't really up there on my list of places to go. Of all the London sights we managed to squeeze in on that single day, my absolute favourite was Borough Market - what a food lover's heaven! There's lots of fresh produce and artisan products but since I'm a tourist we're only here for eating and there was so much good food to be had including canelé de Bordeaux, raclette, an awesome roast pork roll (with just the right amount of fat and crackling) and a hot apple drink which was really good as it was a cold day. I hope we'll be going back there this time around as I'd love to try more of the foods there but in the meantime, here's a few snaps from the market.

Look at the bits of fat and crackling in that roast pork roll! And check out the melty cheese. Oh my melting-cheese heart!

Loads of delicious goodies to check out at the market.
What: Borough Market
Where: London, check the website for details
How much: Really can't remember, it's been 2yrs.. it wasn't too expensive, and worth every penny!


  1. I really, REALLY want that pork bun right now.

  2. Hoping you're having a great time Jack. I could do with some of that pork bun and cookies too :)