July 29, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Bon Bon Fine Chocolate at The Strand Arcade

Ooh ooh! A new chocolate shop!

That was my reaction when I came across the new "branch" of the Bon Bon Fine Chocolate shop which has just opened at The Strand Arcade. It's a lot bigger than their original QVB shop, which is a tiny hole-in-the-wall that most peole know or have walked past at some point. I immediately went inside to have a look - it's got a nice chocolate shop meets library/study feel. There's shades of brown, browny-orange and cream to match the chocolate mood. The library theme is defined with old-fashioned looking books and globes on the shelves and old-fashioned looking map frescos on the wall. All under the chandeliers which hang from the ceiling, giving the room a sparkly brightness.

Mmm chocolate...

But more interesting to me are the endless packages which are neatly displayed - chocolate-covered coffee beans, fruit (muscatels, currants, sundried montmorency cherries), coconut rough and different kinds of nuts (including macadamias, pistachios, almonds). There's also a few flavours of nougat and chocolate in various forms such as thin discs, pretzel shapes and a good old plain block of chocolate. The 'fancy' chocolates are available in pre-packed gift boxes or you can select your own from the glass display at the counter - there's plenty to choose from and I've already worked out which ones I'm interested in trying!

...and more chocolate...

Bon Bon's chocolates are made using French and Belgian chocolate so it's good stuff. The abundance of small packets are the perfect trap for the CBD worker looking for a snack or as a gift. On my first visit I tasted a couple of samples and knew I would be back. So there I was the next day purchasing a packet of the Sundried Montmorency Cherries in 60% Dark Chocolate ($9.50 for 150gm). They're ugly little knobs with a dusting of cocoa powder and totally irresistable - the dark chocolate is rich and the dried cherries are soft. It's a little on the sweet side but so delicious, for me it was perfect with some hot green tea as an after dinner treat.

The only bad thing about this fabulous new shop? The risk that my whole paycheck is going to be spent here!

What: Sundried Montmorency Cherries in 60% Dark Chocolate
Where: Bon Bon Fine Chocolate - Shop 33, Ground Floor, The Strand Arcade, Sydney (02) 9232 2992
How much: The cherries were $9.50 for 150gm, prices vary for the other items


  1. This place looks great, have been avoiding The Strand due to being tempted by the shops upstairs, but now I have my eye on that box of chocolates. I think a visit is in order. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I work there, I most say it's hard to hold back, It's just I wana have a taste of those chocolate soooo bad haha :D

  3. How can you resist when you're surrounded by that nice chocolate all day? :) I can't wait for the cafe to open, I've been walking past every day to see if the "Cafe opening soon" sign is still there!

  4. Anonymous, you work there?? Oh my God, how can you resist all those beautiful chocolates? Do you know when the cafe opens?? Can't wait!!!

  5. Man those Montmorency Cherries!! aaahhhh oooohhh

    How do they do them.....Soooo Amazing
    the Choc coated Almonds, macadamias with Cocoa dust .
    Bon Bon you are the finest inthe land!

  6. Find us On Facbeook, Bon Bon Fine Chocolate, We have our new Business page stablished now, updated with more details and photos for our fans.