July 28, 2011

Singapore Shiok!

I wasn't planning to make a post about Singapore Shiok! because just about everyone knows and loves it already. But this is for any of my friends who aren't acquainted - such as my colleague who is also Malaysian and would probably want to try this out (you know who you are and you're on holidays so no excuses for not having time to try this!)

Their most well known dish is of course their Hainan Chicken Rice. It's deboned and so juicy and tender. The rice is flavoursome without being too oily and best of all is the chilli sauce which has the ginger mixed in - spicy and fresh - this is the  flavour kick that completes the classic meal. And it only costs $8.80. It's my favourite Hainan chicken rice in Sydney.

Hainan Chicken Rice - it sure is shiok!

Their Har Mee (Prawn Noodle Soup, $10.50) has got a good strong prawny soup - I've just noticed on my copy of the menu that it comes in a dry version too which I am now very curious about.  Hor Fun (Rice Noodle with Gravy, $9.50 for chicken or beef, $10.50 for seafood or combination) is a huge serve and really tasty, the rice noodles have got good wok-hei (breath of the wok) and the gravy is eggy sauce galore. On this particular occassion my mum ordered it with just vegies and fish cakes so that's why you can't see any chicken/beef/seafood in the photo.

Hor Fun - it's huuuuge.

Har Mee - prawny, prawny soup - good for your tastebuds but maybe not cholesterol.

This year they expanded their menu, most notable is the addition of Hainanese Roast Chicken Rice which is a nice alternative to the regular kind and also deboned. They've also got more meal set options available for both kinds of chicken. There's chicken rice with the addition of oyster vegetables (as in vegetables with oyster sauce) for $10.80, half a chicken with 2 serves of rice for $18.80 (or $16.80 for just the half-chicken) and a whole chicken with 4 serves of rice for $32.80 (or just the whole chicken for $28.80). I'm yet to try the other options on the menu but I plan to... I just have to try and get past the temptation of Hainan Chicken rice first!

What: Singapore Shiok!
Where: Eating World food court at Harbour Plaza. Shop 213, Level B1, 25 Dixon st Haymarket +61450286357
How much: Hainan Chicken Rice is $8.80, Hor Fun $9.50-$10.50, Har Mee $10.50


  1. Read the post. Had Har Mee for dinner. =)

  2. Jack I am honestly glad you posted this, reminds me that I have to still give the Hainan chicken there a go. I love that stuff.

  3. Clem - har mee is the meal of champions... yum, I'm jealous!

    Dumpling Girl - yes, you should definitely try the chicken rice, at least once to see if it's as good as everyone says :)

    Jess - Hurry up and come home and we can eat it together!!

  4. Looks like I'm the few who doesn't know about this place! The chicken rice looks great and agree the hor fun is huge!!

  5. Hi chopinandmysaucepan - cheap and delicious and it passes the authenticity test - you should definitely give it a try and see if you like it, everyone I've taken there likes it :)

  6. How is it that I still haven't been here yet? The har mee looks the bomb!