July 4, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Premium Taro Jelly Roll and Honey Cake

One thing I quite like about 85°C bakery is that every so often they have something new to try. On a recent visit I saw two new items that looked interesting - mmm new cakes!

The first was Premium Taro Jelly Roll ($6.95). The taro flavour is light and the 'jelly' has a bit of squidginess without being too gelatinous to overpower the cake. The cake has a nice fine texture. I quite liked it and it makes for a nice snack.

The Honey Cake is described as "Soft and tender cake with rich honey, irresistible taste everyone like." and costs $2.40. I can't speak for "everyone" but I did indeed like it. Like the taro one, it too has a fine texture. It's somewhat sweeter and has a recognisable honey flavour - I think it would go nice with some hot green tea. I'll have to try remember that for next time as I gobbled it up pretty quickly.

At $6.95 it sure is premium!

Honey cake - everything tastes good with honey.

What: Premium Taro Jelly Roll and Honey Cake
Where: 85°C Coffee, Cake and Bakery Specialist (I got mine from the Kingsford shop)
How much: Premium Taro Jelly Roll was $6.95 and Honey Cake $2.40


  1. I do love taro but it's grey-purple colour can often be offputting to people. The honey cake sounds delicious!

  2. Good point Helen - not everyone seems to like the look of taro foods, it somehow doesn't cross my mind when I'm eating it cause I like the taste :)