July 7, 2011

Jack UK Snacks!... Aero bubbly Lamb

I'm usually a saver. I always save the best bit of food for last. If I get some fancy chocolates I'll save them for a special occassion or eat them when I need a pick me up. But there are times when this 'strategy' backfires.

For example - Jess went on her first European holiday to Italy back in 2002. I was in serious envy as I was still an impoverished student at the time. Luckily there were spoils to be had when she came home - including Fonzies (the Italian version of Twisties) and some Italian chocolate bars called Tronky and Duplo. Yum!

I saved the last Tronky bar but alas I saved it a little too long. It expired in April 2003 but I didn't eat it until April 2004. Chocolate expired by a year? No sweat for me usually. But this Tronky bar has wafer in it and, well.. let's just say stale wafers have never been tasty.

So now that I am back from my recent trip, I am going to try and eat all my goodies early, instead of letting them go out of date. What's the first snack from overseas? It's a cute Aero chocolate. Ok, nothing special about Aero cause we have them here, but this one is a cute lamb that Jess bought me! I was a little worried it might have got squashed in my luggage despite being careful but luckily it was still in perfectly cute condition. Taste wise, well it's just an Aero chocolate, but it's so cute I wanted to post up a photo of it for everyone to see.

Yes I still have the wrappers. It's not "hoarding", it's called "sentimental".

How cute is that!

What: Aero bubbly Lamb
Where: Somewhere in the UK?
How much: Not sure... that's the best thing about treats from Jess, I don't have to worry about the price - thanks sis!


  1. Sounds like you had fun trip. The little lamb is so cute. I wish they had them here too.

  2. I'm glad you girls thought the lamb was cute too! :) I almost couldn't bear to eat it - almost!