August 11, 2011

Four Ate Five Cafe

It's a sunny Sunday morning and a few of our Supper Nights crew have gathered for brunch at the very popular Four Ate Five cafe in Surry Hills. And it sure is popular - we've wisely called 15min ahead to add our names to the waiting list (a handy tip) but even so it's still quite a wait. There's a decent jumble of people waiting for their turn to eat despite other cafes in close proximity looking like less of a wait. I think to myself that this place must be really trendy or have really good food.

There's a few little tables on the pavement enjoying some winter sun, the occassional takeaway coffee being purchased and a display of baked goods at the front window reminding you that you're getting hungry. Finally our names are called and we are seated at a table. The place is small and busy with a bit of a hippie feel but not so crowded that you can't hear your own voice. Our waitress was friendly and efficient - in no time we had perused both the breakfast and lunch menus and placed our orders. 

Hello there mr brownie and miss carrot cake and mr lamington..

Watch out for the stepasaurus!!!!
Drinks are first up. There are a few tempting choices including marsala chai tea brewed with milk and honey but I've decided to go for something light and choose the watermelon, pear & mint juice ($5.50). There's not much pear or mint flavour, I can only taste watermelon - maybe a slight boo boo? Meanwhile the table next to us has fresh mint tea and they look like they're having fun with the 'honey guns' that come as a vessel of sweetening the tea. The others opt for fresh fruit smoothies ($7.50). Strawberry and vanilla has the promised fresh strawberry taste while the banana, cinammon & honey tastes of all those things. In one word - yum! They are both so tasty that I almost regret not ordering a smoothie but I remind myself that I have to save room for the food...

Mmm smoothie tastes good, juice on the other hand - more pear and mint please!

Should have got the fresh mint tea... should have got the fresh mint tea...

Everything on the menu sounds good. After the long wait for the table I expect the food to take a while but it's surprisingly quick. The first meal to arrive is the beef burger w/ pickled beetroot, aioli, cheddar, onion relish, lettuce & tomato chutney, served w/ hand cut chips ($17 from the lunch menu). I like the chips as they've got a squidgy potato-ness to them and the sample I got of the burger is everything a burger should be - fresh and full of taste. Then there's roast beef w/ onion relish, fresh tomato, dijon mustard, aioli, polski ogorki & cos lettuce on grilled sourdough ($13, also from the lunch menu). It's slightly more modest and healthy in comparison to the burger but still full of flavour - another winner.

Roast beef sandwich - now that's a sandwich.

Out come the two breakfasts that us girls have ordered - free range eggs with toast ($9). Steph's chosen the fried eggs and added beef chipolatas ($3.50) and I've opted for scrambled eggs with potato & fennel hash ($3.50). We've both got haloumi too ($4) - briney, squeaky and heavenly. Jess would have definitely gotten the haloumi too because she is a certified haloumi fanatic! (hee!) Everything is cooked nicely although we both find the toast a little tough to bite through but it's more of an observation than a complaint.

Beef burger with hand cut chips? Eggs and toast? It's all good but haloumi is where it's at!

In no time we are full and satisfied and I think everyone's enjoyed the food as much as I have. As to whether Four Ate Five is popular because of trendiness or food? It is indeed a bit trendy but I think the food is definitely the reason why people are willing to line up - it's not overly complicated or fancy, the ingredients are fresh and it's cooked well and that makes for a good brunch.

Last but not least, a message to Jess and Dave - be safe over in London and take care!

What: Four Ate Five Cafe
Where: 485 Crown Street, Surry Hills 02 96986485
How much: check out their website for the menu and prices


  1. Wow, that's such an awesome place. Love that the step is called stepasaraus - and that gun :)

  2. Thanks for thinking of us Jack - we're stayin' safe over here in London. Crazy times. So, the most important question is what's the coffee like at four-ate-five?
    Everything else looked cool, esp. the honey gun. I want one.

  3. Been so meaning to come here, but the queues keep me from coming. Calling in first is a handy tip :) All the food looks fabulous.

  4. Looks good and thanks for the message Jack! Halloumi with big breakfast - awesome combo!

  5. thanks all for the comments! i knew everyone would like the honey gun :) i thought the stepasaurus was so cool too!