August 15, 2011

Donna Margherita - dedicated to the businesses of Clapham Junction

Given all the goings on in London, I wasn't really in the mood to blog last weekend but luckily things seemed to have calmed down which is a relief for all the local businesses.  One such local business is Donna Margherita which is on Lavender Hill where some of the rioters were making trouble smashing glass shop fronts and setting the party shop on fire.  Luckily the southern Italian restaurant was further up the road from the troubles of Monday night.  

Donna Margherita was recommended to me by my friend Esteban, a Napoli football fan who frequents the restaurant for good Neapolitan style pizza and televised Napoli matches.  We have been there a few times with him and Maria and also on our own to enjoy good Italian comfort food in a friendly atmosphere.  

The photos featured in this blog are from one such visit where our friend Anna also joined us.  It was a slightly different meal this time as there were a couple of specials on the menu that were well and truly special. The first was the fresh buffalo mozarella which had apparently been flown in on the day from Italy.  Whether or not this was true, the mozarella was delicious - firm and "meaty" for a cheese and definitely fresh.  We all shared this with some salad as a start.

Fresh buffalo mozarella and more of it in the gnocchi!

For mains, I stuck with one of Esteban's favourites, the O’gnocc a`Sorrentina, homemade gnocchi with (more) buffalo mozarella, parmesan, fresh basil and tomatoe sauce.  Simple but hearty and reliable.  Anna and Esteban also had pasta which they enjoyed.  Surprisingly no one had pizza although it is usually on the order.

Fresh lobster pasta - yuummm!
Dave and Maria shared one of the specials for two which was spaghetti with fresh lobster (half each).  It sounded good when it was described but I don't think anyone expected it to be as amazing as it was - the lobster meat was so fresh, sweet and and cooked perfectly.  It was so delicious with the simple tomato sauce and pasta that all of us seafood lovers (i.e. not Esteban) were jealous.  Good pick Dave and Maria!

If you're in the neighbourhood of Battersea/Clapham Junction, be sure to visit one of the many amazing local businesses including Donna Margherita.  Like other such businesses (Jack's cafe, Jamie's Recipease, and even chains like Pizza Express) Donna Margherita has a warm family feel to it, serving good quality food in a relaxed atmosphere.  Be sure to book ahead on a Friday or Saturday or when there is a Napoli game on.  And if you can't get in, check out one of the many other amazing places in the area (Entree, Lola Rojo, Pizza Metro Pizza, Brew).  Enjoy!

What:  Donna Margherita Italian Restaurant
Where:  183 Lavender Hill, Battersea  SW11 5TE
How much:  Entree's £6-8, pizzas average £9, pasta average £10.  Good selection of reasoanble wines. 

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